Kontak Lokasi Depo Tanya Jawab
Where can buy wheat flour in large quantities?

Bogasari flour can be purchased in stores or supermarkets nearby. Purchasing in bulk can contact your local distributor or please contact Lagansa (0807-1-800-888).

Why flour can lice and worms?

As food ingredients flour can indeed lice and worms because of the natural process, because the protein content in flour. But keep in mind that the production and packaging process that meets the standards already applied in the factory Bogasari, guaranteed every flour ready to be distributed free of fleas and worms. Wheat lice and worms, it is possible for the transport or storage that do not qualify, for example, humid place, not used pallet.

What are the different types, brands and individual designation wheat flour production Bogasari?

Judging from the protein, there are three types of flour production Bogasari, namely: 1. The high protein wheat flour 13% - 14% for Chakra brand Twins, is very suitable flour to make bread and noodles. 2. Flour proteins were the brands Blue Triangle 11% - 12%, the flour can be applied to a variety of foods. and low protein 3.Tepung with brands Lock Blue max 11%, specially produced for making pastries, cakes and biscuits.

How to scan cupon Bogasari Mitra Card (BMC)?
Scan coupons using the bogasari mobile application installed on your smartphone.  The next stage, you must login, then click the scan coupon menu and enter your BMC ID.  After that scan the barcode (one time) listed in the coupon.  Or type the coupon code that is located just above the barcode without spaces.
I failed BMC registration, why?
There are several factors that cause registration to fail: 1. Make sure the network is in good condition 2. During BMC registration there are several things that must be filled. If the charging conditions and attachments to the KTP and coupons can be fulfilled,  and filling in the random code is correct then registration will succeed.
When do I get an ID number?
If you have registered, Lagansa team will be verification.  Then your data will be input into the system to obtain the BMC ID number. For the BMC ID making process, it takes 3 (three) working days after registration.
How do I register as a member of BMC?

Website :

Please fill form and register at Website Bogasari and scan yout ID Identitiy and e-Cupon then submit

Bogasari Mobile Application :

Download aplication Bogasari at Playstore. Please click register and login at menu. If you want to get Bogasari Mitra Card, please scan 100 E-Cupon

How do I send the e-coupon?
Directly scan barcode on e-cupon via Bogasari Mobile Apps.
Why my Cupon invalid?
Invalid coupon because: 1. The coupon code is incorrect when scanned or typed. Not according to the code found on the coupon barcode. (digit is incorrect or lacking) 2. Duplicate coupons or have been scanned or typed before. 3. Wrong type the code 4. As of October 1, 2017, the Retail category is not included in the BMC membership 5. The code has not been registered with the packing label. Invalid coupon because the packing label will be inputted by BMC immediately so that it becomes valid.
How to calculate the points BMC?

Every 1 e-coupons accounted for 1 point. During a months of the points raised will be accumulated and converted to rupiah or in kind the Other. If members choose redeem points with prizes, can directly do it via website or Bogasari Mobile Apps

How do i get a BMC card and activate it?

BMC card will be given when they submit at least 100 e-coupons or have collected 100 points. And the BMC card will be activated if you has received the Card and contacted Lagansa at number 0807-1-800-888 to get the PIN code.


I forgot my PIN?

If you want to know your PIN, please contact Lagansa (0807-1-800-888)

How to know the status of BMC my membership card?
BMC membership status is marked by ownership of BMC ID and BMC Card. The validity period of the card is 3 (three) years.
How do I find out the status of my funds transfer?

Check information on transfer of funds through BMC Center 021-2926380

Why is my card / account blocked? And how to reactivate it?
There are several factors that cause blocked cards: 1. If the PIN is wrong so the card is blocked, please inform Lagansa 0807-1-800-888 or via BMC Center 021-29263800.  Next, a new card will be printed, where the printing costs will be borne by the card owner. 2. The account is blocked because it performs 3 (three) scans of invalid coupons in one batch of shipment.  A maximum of 1 (one) batch of delivery is 10 coupon codes. If only 2 (two) coupons are invalid, it will not be blocked.  Or 2 (two) scans of coupons once sent, it will also not be blocked. If a blocked account occurs please contact BMC or Lagansa (0807-1-800-888) to open the block
What if BMC card e-walet I lost / broken. What should I do?

Report card loss or damage to your BMC to the Center or to Lagansa (0807-1-800-888). BMC card you will be further processed by the BMC. The cost of the new card is borne by the card owner

Where should I report a change of identity, such as changing your home address, business address, telephone number or mobile phone number?

Any changes or additions identity immediately contact BMC Center or to Lagansa (0807-1-800-888).

When will the points change?
The number of points will change at H + 1. If today is scanned, then the next day the points will change
How to see my point?
Points can be directly checked through the Bogasari mobile apps or the Bogasari website. By filling in / entering the BMC ID