Kontak Lokasi Depo Tanya Jawab
Where can buy wheat flour in large quantities?

Bogasari flour can be purchased in stores or supermarkets nearby. Purchasing in bulk can contact your local distributor or please contact Lagansa (0807-1-800-888).

Why flour can lice and worms?

As food ingredients flour can indeed lice and worms because of the natural process, because the protein content in flour. But keep in mind that the production and packaging process that meets the standards already applied in the factory Bogasari, guaranteed every flour ready to be distributed free of fleas and worms. Wheat lice and worms, it is possible for the transport or storage that do not qualify, for example, humid place, not used pallet.

What are the different types, brands and individual designation wheat flour production Bogasari?

Judging from the protein, there are three types of flour production Bogasari, namely: 1. The high protein wheat flour 13% - 14% for Chakra brand Twins, is very suitable flour to make bread and noodles. 2. Flour proteins were the brands Blue Triangle 11% - 12%, the flour can be applied to a variety of foods. and low protein 3.Tepung with brands Lock Blue max 11%, specially produced for making pastries, cakes and biscuits.

What is Bogasari Mitra Card (BMC)?

BMC is a membership program organized specifically for Partners Bogasari Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs-non modern industry), which produces a variety of foods made from wheat flour, as well as the retailer / reseller kilogram wheat flour.

What are the benefits as a member of BMC?

Membership benefits BMC, among others: Getting the reward points that can be redeemed for a variety of attractive prizes, Internet subscription monthly magazine Discourse Partners, facility health insurance and personal accident, facility fire insurance, Recommendation microcredit banks, discount the cost of training in all branches Bogasari Baking Center (BBC), opportunities to share experiences and knowledge.

Who can be a member of BMC?

Which could be a member of BMC is a Small Business Medium foods made from flour that uses wheat flour products Bogasari packing 25 kg, or retailer kilogram flour products Bogasari with the classification of membership: Platinum with a total consumption of wheat> 750 zak / month, Gold total consumption of wheat 250-749 zak / month, and Silver for the total consumption of wheat <250 zak / month. Membership is characterized by BMC membership card which also serves as a BMC Corporate Debit Card.

How do I register as a member of BMC?

The main requirement became a member of the BMC is to send as many e-coupons in the form of seals on every package Bogasari flour production packaging 25 kg, coupons are sent to the BMC Center at PO. Box 2000 14013 JKU for Bogasari Marketing Factory Jakarta region, or PO. Box 1203 60165 SBY, for the marketing area Bogasari Factory Surabaya.

How do I fill in the e-coupon?

For new members must filled with full identity, whereas for BMC members can fill Name and BMC ID only.

How and where should I send e-coupons?

E-coupons that are already filled can be sent via POS addressed PO. Box 2000 14013 JKU for Bogasari Marketing Factory Jakarta region, or PO. Box 1203 60165 SBY, for the marketing area Bogasari Factory Surabaya. Besides it can also through our officers who regularly visit or through a local depot.

How to calculate the points BMC?

Every 5 e-coupons accounted for 1 point. During 3 months of the points raised will be accumulated and converted to rupiah or in kind the Other. If members choose in rupiah, it will be transferred to BMC, whereas if you choose in kind will be delivered to the address of the customer.

Why have not I received BMC card?

BMC card will be given when they submit at least 175 e-coupons or have collected 35 points.

How do I enable BMC e-cards Swallow?

BMC card will be activated when the customer has informed the BMC card Lagansa that its has been received.

How to know the status of BMC my membership card?

Every customer who had sent the e-coupon will be listed as a member of the BMC and will receive a monthly magazine Discourse Partners listed no. BMC her ID card while BMC will be given when they submit at least 175 e-coupons.

Suppose after BMC card swiftlets checked at the ATM, it turns out there are no funds go when I always send e-coupons. How can it be so?

Funds have not been entered into the BMC can occur because the transaction process has not been successful from bogasari partner bank (Bank Permata) to BMC card, network problem or it can also be caused by the bank has managed to do the transaction, but the information about the transfer process received late by customer while the customer has to withdraw funds.

Due to enter the wrong PIN number, BMC card is blocked. What to do?

If the card is blocked, please come to Bank Permata in your area and reset the PIN with the card BMC e-wallet and ID card. To reset the PIN, should not be represented.

What if BMC card e-walet I lost / broken. What should I do?

Report card loss or damage to your BMC to the Center or to Lagansa (0807-1-800-888). BMC card you will be further processed by the BMC.

Where should I report a change of identity, such as changing your home address, business address, telephone number or mobile phone number?

Any changes or additions identity immediately contact BMC Center or to Lagansa (0807-1-800-888).

What's magazines Partner Discourse?

Partners discourse is a monthly magazine published by Bogasari, specifically for SME members Bogasari Partner Card (BMC), the contents of the information that is very useful for business development of the SME Partner Bogasari.

What is the content of the magazine Discourse Partner?

Discourse partner that focuses on the content of education are mild but can provide motivation and expand the horizons of the SMEs, in particular about the inspiration and spirit business, prospects and business strategy, management and marketing, and others, as well as a means of exchanging experiences antarUKM.

Why have not I received a monthly magazine Discourse Partner whereas I always send e-coupons?

Routine monthly magazine Discourse Partners sent to members of the active BMC sends an e-coupon. Partners discourse that is not accepted may be due to differences in the address indicated or no delay in delivery. If it still has not been received, please contact Lagansa (0807-1-800-888). (*)